NY Comic Con

I decided to go to NYCC very late. I need to attend the graphic novel conference right before the convention. I’d looked into getting a booth for the convention months ago, but decided against it. Now the only space left is in the gaming area. I want to exhibit so that the trip to the East coast is made as worthwhile as possible.

They want a game company for the remaining 20×30 booth. Yaoi Press does business with Hirameki International, a large Japanese computer game company with a strong USA presence. Hirameki was not planning to attend NYCC. I asked the dealer’s liason at NYCC: If I bring Hirameki, will you give Yaoi Press a 10×10 space in that area? He said yes.

My best case scenario was for Hirameki to take one 10×10 space, Yaoi Press to take another, and for them to give the last square to someone on the waiting list. I spoke to my friend at Hirameki to see what could be done. They had a loss at the last NYCC. That’s why they decided not to go this year. My contact said he really wanted the company to reconsider. It’s clearly twice as large as it was last year, and getting tremendous media attention. He was going to discuss this with his boss.

His boss says no, they aren’t willing to invest in the booth, hotel, people, airfare, etc. But they will ship their display, giveaways, and merchandise if I would like to operate their booth. I could sell their games on consignment to recoup my costs, and I would get a booth for Yaoi Press in the process.

This was the second scenario which I knew I could convince them of at the very least. This is the prospect I have right now.

The two 10×10 spaces will be $4000. There is also the cost of the union, shipping, food, hotel, airfare, and bringing in at least one more person to operate the Hirameki booth. I can’t run both by myself.

The fact that Hirameki is still not interested in going tells me that the likelihood of recouping the $2000 for their booth is slim. I would need to also cover the staff for that booth, their expenses, the union for that booth, and who knows what else.

The truth is, I don’t think I would make the costs for my own table for Yaoi Press. Even with Youka Nitta as a guess, this is a comic book convention. The majority will be there for comic books. There will be a significant amount there for Manga. Of those, many will be fans of yaoi. If the convention draws 30,000 people, lets say 15,000 are cross over manga fans, or just are manga fans. Of those 15,000 let’s say 5,000 like yaoi. Of those 5,000 maybe 2,000 will somehow find their way to my booth in the gigantic dealer’s hall. Is around $5000 worth it for an audience of 2000?

That money could be better used in so many ways.

I really wish Hirameki would attend on their own so my cost would only be for the Yaoi Press booth.

I don’t need to make a profit to feel the convention is worthwhile. I don’t even need to break even. I just wish I wouldn’t go so far into the hole to pull this one off. I could get a full page ad in Newtype for that money. It’s so frustrating.


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