No Book For November

What a pity that the licensors I work with could not get material to me in time. I had planned to have either an Italian or German license for the November 2007 book, but neither publishers are getting back to me.

I wish foreign publishers would try to understand how their US partners work, and get more on the ball. They make more from English licenses than any other language because the market is so large here. That should encourage them to play the game by our rules. I’m still dealing with licensors who think that if they give me a license in January it will be published in February. That’s what they tell the creators of the books they license. Here is the reality:

The books being published in January, February, March, and April 2007 had to have finished covers and back-cover text in to me by June 15th, 2006, so that I could have it in to the distributor by the end of June, so that they could produce the Spring Catalog and present it book store buyers in July.

May, June, July, August 2007 books had to have catalog information in by October 15, 2006. I won’t publish a book in the summer if it doesn’t make this catalog. This is our hugest catalog of the year. Summer releases are the most ordered. This means that since I didn’t have Cain Vol. 1 materials in by October ’06 the book got pushed to September 2007 (it would have come out in June), even though I have all the materials right now. The release has to sit for 9 months just because it didn’t make this catalog.

And now, for 2007 books being released in September, October, November, and December, I must have the cover and a synopsis by February 15th for the Fall Catalog.

Any new book I publish must have a complete cover and back cover text in to me 7-10 months in advance. It gets listed in the monthly sales kits 6-7 months in advance. It goes on our online store 6 months in advance. Galleys go to reviewers 3-4 months in advance. Comic shop listings are due 3 months in advance. The final cover with reviewer quotes goes to the printer a month in advance, then the book is released. I’m not going to sacrifice any part of this system due to slow moving licensors. This business is too cash poor for me to sacrifice the promotion I get from catalogs, kits, comic shops, or galleys.

I’ve explained this to licensors. It’s in one ear and out the other. They really feel they’re going to get instant publication gratification. I see how they work. Licenses I sell go out the next month. Oh, to have the luxury of such little advance planning.

I’m looking at my 2007 schedule. Where a book should be for November it says ‘License.’ Soon it’s going blank. If I knew 2007 was going have a month without a book I would have picked October since we’re so busy with Yaoi Con that month, or December so we can take a breather for Christmas.

I’m so annoyed.


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