I’m very sorry that Yaoi Press books had to receive negative publicity due to Walmart accidentally stocking our Yaoi Hentai series. I am glad, however, that no one is accusing us or any of our distributors about misleading retailers about the content of the books. The Yaoi Hentai books have large letters across the front cover that say ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN’. There is another warning on the back cover. The books are kept wrapped in shrinkwrap. Starting with volume 3 (which was just released January 22nd) a big black warning sticker goes on all the front covers over the shrinkwrap. Walmart stocked the books due to an error in the filtering software.


1 Response to “Walmart”

  1. January 27, 2007 at 3:59 am

    sounds like you got a pretty tite operation running. go with it. a hands-on approach like this allows you to meet people who are fans of your offerings in person. not a bad thing at all…

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