NYCC – One Day Left

I’ve finished the first full day of NYCC. I’m amazed at how many people I’ve been able to network with. Please watch the next PW Comic Week for the big Yaoi Press scoop. This is without a doubt one of the biggest ventures in our history, and the deal was executed at NYCC. That’s all I will say.

Next topic: I’m not sure how much I can discuss here, so please indulge me in my vagueness. The fact is we’re moving lots of titles from other publishers at everythingyaoi.com which has cemented what were all ready good business relationships. In the booth next to me is a Japanese publisher who came to NYCC to find an English language licensor for their work. I looked at their offerings and felt that one of the companies I’m friendly with was a good match for them. I told them about this company and gave them some of their books. I also talked to these folks in depth about the US market, etc. etc.

When I went to explore the floor I found that this company I’d referred them to was at the show. The President and Director were at the booth. So I went back to the Japanese booth and told them. They were too shy to approach them. I asked to let me introduce them, since I was friends with them. I took their portfolio over. My friends were impressed enough for the President and Director to follow me back to their booth. They stayed there talking in Japanese for over an hour.

When they were ready to go there was much bowing and handshaking. The Japanese publisher came to me bowing and thanking me profusely. They found their licensor.

They felt bad that there was nothing they could do for me in return. They don’t publish yaoi and aren’t in a position to recommend me to any yaoi publishers in Japan. Two days at a convention is not the basis of a relationship you can stake your company’s reputation on. I told them I wasn’t looking for a favor in return. It’s good business for me to help that USA manga publisher. Then they mentioned that they are involved with drama CDs in Japan. Some of which yaoi. Would I be interested in that? Yes. I would take the audio, put it on CD-Rom and do a slideshow with English subtitles while the Japanese audio played. I told them that I felt strongly this would be successful in the USA. They said they can help me. They’re so grateful for my help I really think they’re going to follow through. It’s an exciting prospect.

The other major scoop which unfortunately will not warrent a press release (so I can leak it here) is that we met with a Brazilian publisher asking for the Portuguese language rights to our books. Getting the first draft of the licensing contract ready is my first priority when I return.

A humorous moment: One of the executives who I had not yet met from Media Blasters saw Sensitive Pornograph at our booth and thought we’d bootlegged their DVD. Thankfully, the exec with her knew me and was able to interject before she called security. ‘No! No! They have a wholesale account with us!’ ‘They do?’ ‘Yes, this is that everythingyaoi.com site.’ ‘Ohhhh!’ I showed her the DVD box with the Kitty Media symbol all over it. ‘Alex runs our wholesale account.’ There was much laughing and cavorting. I loved it that I could discuss naughty yaoi stuff with this handsomely dressed business woman. She was COOL. I like all the Kitty Media people. CPM too, who is nearby our booth and regularly come over to compare notes. I’ll be raiding both booths for stock at the end of the show. I love that we’re friendly with so many other boy/boy publishers. The licensing example above just shows how much a benefit there is to networking and comeraderie.

My head is still spinning from all the wheeling and dealing that went down at this convention. It was worth attending. 100% I haven’t mentioned all the great highlights yet. I will put up a full report when I get back.


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