Back from NYCC

And too overwhelmed with work to think straight. Some things I wanted to mention:

Diamond UK wants us to do more European events. We haven’t done any yet, but are exhibiting at a convention in Bristol this year because two very awesome Yaoi Press creators are willing to run it for me: Yishan Li and Sean Micheal Wilson. An aside here, Yishan Li is a personal friend of mine and a wonderful advocate of Yaoi Press. She’s does awesome promotion for her Yaoi Press books (and is fun to drink with). Sean Micheal Wilson is my dream writer. He’s only scripted one story for us, but is incredibly proactive about promotion. He requested samplers of his peice to distribute at shows, he acted as a liason to get Yaoi Press the Bristol booth for free, he keeps in touch about his book so he’s up to date on release schedules etc.

What the UK rep wants is us to be present at more international book expos and such. I was candid enough to admit that this was not going to happen any time in the foreseeable future. So he’s gotten Diamond US to ship cases of our promotional materials to the UK on my behalf. 🙂 That’s great! I will be sending several cases of the new samplers we do over there.

Overall it was a great meeting with Pat of Diamond UK. He’s a good advocate for us, and he explained so much to me about how the system works over there. I will pay more attention to the UK side of things from now on. It’s incredible that Yaoi Press is doing as well as it does considering I paid no attention to that market whatsoever. Now that I’m better informed I feel I can really position our titles properly over there.

The other NYCC item of note was my interview for the gay cable channel Here! I could lie and say that TV interviews are old hat for me, but let me expose myself a bit: This was my first. It was held on the NYCC floor in front of our booth display. It’s neat to have the camera on you and for a little crowd to draw around. They were so friendly. 🙂 I promised to do a digital media kit for them so they can intersperse Yaoi Press covers and artwork during the interview. This is one of my major To-Do’s right now.

As fantastic as a TV interview is it’s eclipsed by the other major news to go down at NYCC, which I gave Kai Ming Cha of Publishers Weekly the breaking rights to. I know it’s only going to be a ‘comics breifly’ blurb, but it’s still huge for my company.

And even with all this, I’m surprised I forgot to mention that Yaoi Press’s issue of ICv2 Retailers Guide to Graphic Novels debuted at NYCC. If you were at the Graphic Novel conference that was me in the front row squealing when this cover popped up on the monitors:

This will probably be the last post dedicated to NYCC because I don’t see my mountain of work letting me free to post again any time soon. I want to say 1,000 thank you’s to Moon Yen who helped me run this one after a grueling Katsu Con just the week before. I loved chatting with the Tokyopop editors and creators I met, with the Yaoi Press creators, fans, and ‘soon to be creators’, with my pals at Broccoli books, Go Comi, Net Comics, Kitty Media, and Bebeautiful; with my new friends from Edgeworks Inc., Futuro Comunicacao, and Ohzora Publishing. I was glad to finally be able to put faces and personalities to the emails of Emily from New Type, Calvin Reid (he’s as enthusiastic as I pictured) and Kai-Ming Cha from PW. I’m also glad I got to reconnect with many old friends and associates, so many I know I’m not mentioning most of them, and I also know they’ll forgive me BECAUSE I’M POOPED!


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