Recent Press Relase

I announced Dark Dreams and Dark Prince recently. My comments follow the press release:

A Dark Side to Yaoi Press

Las Vegas, NV, March 7, 2007 – Yaoi Press announces Dark Dreams and Dark Prince, two new titles debuting in fall.

Yaoi Press has announced the second title to their new line of art books. Dark Dreams will showcase the work of Italian studio Dany&Dany. The 64 page book will focus on beautiful men and male/male romance. Unlike Yaoi Press’ explicit Yaoi Gothic art book, Dark Dreams will have a 16+ rating. This is the fourth book Yaoi Press will publish by Dany&Dany in 2007.

Yaoi Press has also announced the three volume graphic novel series, Dark Prince. This is the second series to be written by Yaoi Press publisher Yamila Abraham. New artist discovery M. A. Sambre is illustrating the series. Dark Prince is a gothic manga focusing on a prince whose demon lover commands him to murder young men. Dark Prince will run simultaneously with the Yaoi Press’ bestselling Winter Demon series, which is also written by Abraham. [end]

I made sure that the online bloggers got news of this first. It went on the wire today, so I think it’s safe to post it to my own journal now.

“This is the fourth book Yaoi Press will publish by Dany&Dany in 2007.” The others would be Idol, Wishing for the Moon, and The Lily and the Rose.

I was shy about mentioning that I was writing the Dark Prince series myself, but the huge success of Winter Demon emboldened me. Winter Demon was licensed for German language publication, and has been optioned for Italian publication. The book not only is competitive with KOSEN’s works (our best-selling studio), it’s outsold them.

I really feel that Dark Prince will surpass Winter Demon. The art work is amazing, and the story is something I feel very positive about.

Along with the Press Release I emailed our updated release schedule. I’m going to link to Yaoisuki.net for this:


However, their company description is inaccurate:

Description: Yaoi Press started out as a publisher of American-made yaoi works, and has recently started licensing and/or commissioning talent from around the globe, including Spain and Italy.

Prior to licensing from Europe we’d published creators from Indonesia, China, Japan, Spain, Australia, Brazil, the UK, and Italy. Our very first two titles were drawn by Indonesians. The only titles Yaoi Press has ever published that are truly ‘American-Made’ are Exorcisms and Pogo Sticks 1 and 2.


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