Green Stuff

Today there was a health and fitness expo in Las Vegas. Since I’d attended last year I got free tickets sent to me. I spent the day at the show with a companion.

Although there are some genuine ‘Health’ exhibits at the show, such as a COPD screening booth and on-site eye exams, most of the booths are the ‘new age mumbo jumbo’ sort. Three energy drink stands (the only one I tried had me vomiting in the bathroom), several mock-chiropractic stands that offer holistic remedies for backaches, psychic healing stands, etc. A lot of these are unrepentant scams, but some provide entertainment for a reasonable price.

The yoga booth has a machine that gives you an ‘aura reading.’ You place your hands on metal pads and your silhouette with fuzzy colors around it appears on a computer screen. I’d done it last year, and for $5 it was worth doing again.

Last year my aura had been purple and orange. Orange is supposedly ‘creativity’ and purple is ‘wellbeing.’ This year I was orange, red, and black. Still creative. Red is productive. But black was, ‘Stress with no healthy outlet.’ The black was in my shoulder where I have tightness when I’m stressed (which is right now). There was something too that. It bothered me that my situation had changed so much since last year.

Now to the new faux-medical flavor of the month: a machine that detoxifies you through your feet with an ion charge. Although it looked very suspicious for people to have what looked like black caca coming out of their feet, I gave it a try. Your water starts out clear. Then you feel like someone put an invisible hook in your big toe and is tugging at it. The water goes to yellow to orange, then usually to black with all sorts of fibrous boogers floating around. My water went green. The people around me had black which was liver toxins (this is Las Vegas, remember). My green water meant gallbladder toxins. “Stress,” the woman at the stand said.

I’m convinced that the foot toxin machine actually does something because my sinuses cleared. I’m a little rattled about the stress theme however.

I can’t deny that I’m extremely stressed out right now. It has a great deal to do with what was alluded to in the prior entry. I’m having difficulty with the talent that works for Yaoi Press. It’s normal for one creator to miss a deadline here and there. Currently I have three who are causing damage to their projects.

I had to spend today off the computer. I’m at the point where the situation is becoming unbearable. I hate chasing people for their work. I hate repeating how important it is that they don’t miss deadlines. Furthermore, I don’t have time to do it. I thought I had weeded out all the non-professionals from Yaoi Press. I don’t see how I ended up in this situation. I always give 1 to 3 month leeway on projects to ensure that the release dates aren’t missed. All three creators I’m dealing with have eaten up that leeway as though it were a given. And they’re still unacceptably late in the end. If I named names of the offenders, and if you’re at all familiar with the oel yaoi scene, it would shock you. It’s shocked me.

When a book has to be printed late the stress is on me. The creators don’t have to explain to the distributor, or accept the canceled preorders and comic shop sales. The creators don’t lose money. In this case all three were still under the flat rate system. The creators don’t have to answer for anything–it’s on my shoulders. When a publisher puts a book out late do you think, ‘Darn that Peter David, writer of the Hulk comic book, he should have turned his script in on time,’ or ‘Darn that Marvel comics, why is the Hulk shipping late again?’ The publisher is always to blame. The creator’s future prospects aren’t damaged due to their irresponsible behavior. However the publisher now has a reputation of putting books out late.

This is the first thing my distributor told me never to do when I sign-up with them.


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