Art Books

I think it’s safe to say that the art book line is a success. Sales are the same as if it were a graphic novel. The Yaoi Gothic book has gotten reorders for most of the books that were canceled when it shipped to stores a few days late.

My only mistake so far was doing a print run that’s half of what I normally print for graphic novels. I have around 500 copies of Yaoi Gothic left, and they’re going fast. On the plus side, this will allow me to do a second edition with a stiffer paperback cover.

New editions are also needed for Yaoi Hentai 1 (this will be the 3rd printing), Yaoi Hentai 2, and the Aluria Chronicles. The last I might have left as an e-book only. Since they’ve decided to continue the series in Germany I will keep it in print when the second volume comes out.

Regarding ebooks, the first Yaoi Press title should go on Netcomics.com this month. I’ve tentatively planned for a June 15th launch, with new titles going up on the first and 15th of every month. Starting in mid 2008 Yaoi Press books should begin to debut on Netcomics before they’re released in print. This is how Netcomics releases their own books, which are all strong sellers on Yaoi Press’ retail site, everythingyaoi.com.

The last thing I want to mention in this post is spine images. Two of our three volume series, Cain and Dark Prince, are coming out with images that goes across all three spines. I made this decision not quite sure if it would really work, since individual spines need to have a compelling image on them to sell in book stores. I’ve gotten the final draft from Le Peruggine (Cain) and approved the rough draft from M. A. Sambre. I think they came out great! Here’s a sneak peak for you:


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