More With Netcomics

Yaoi Press will be at Anime Weekend Orlando this weekend, and then there’s a much needed break until Anime Vegas and Kumoricon in September.

San Diego Comic Con was great for networking and had sales that were only slightly better than an average regional Anime convention. Our table location wasn’t the best logistically. The voice of Jimmy Neutron was autographing at the table to the right of us, and the voice of the Animaniacs (there promoting ‘Biker Mice From Mars’) was to the left of us. Shooing children from the table was a nonstop chore.

I met with Heewoon Chung of Netcomics again. There are several things of note agreed on, but at this time the only thing I’d like to announce is that Yaoi Press is taking over Netcomics USA convention exhibits. This will begin with Anime Vegas. We have two tables for Yaoi Press, and across the hall we have two more tables for Netcomics, complete with their displays and free giveaways, but being operated completely by my staff. Anime Weekend Atlanta is the next show we’d like to do this for them at. I meant to write a press release about this…and still might, but I didn’t have time for now.

One other thing to mention: After School Nightmare was robbed! Boo Eisners! Boooo! (I don’t even know who actually won in the category. I just knew it was nominated. It’s one of my favorite series.)


3 Responses to “More With Netcomics”

  1. 1 jen
    August 2, 2007 at 3:53 am

    I’m totally with you on After School Nightmare, it’s such an awesome series. Though manga in general got shafted pretty well this year. (Nothing for Monster? C’mon!)

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