The preview for Winter Demon 3 is now up on our Tokyopop page: http://www.tokyopop.com/yaoipress/manga/1070583.html.

Speaking of which, I was happy to see the Yaoi Press ‘Bento’ up on the main Tokyopop page. Watch that changing box about 1/3rd down for a Yaoi Press banner. There’s also a small Yaoi Press banner on the bottom of the box. http://www.tokyopop.com.

If there’s anyone reading this who will be attending Anime LA: We’re looking for someone to drop our Yaoi Jamboree fliers off at that show (at a flier table, or what have you). Can you please contact promotions (at) yaoijamboree.com if you’re able to do this for us.

We’re grateful to anyone who would be willing to place our fliers at yaoi-friendly comic shops, book stores, libraries, anime clubs, and the like. Our target area is Arizona, Southern Nevada, Southern California, West Texas, and West New Mexico.

I also need to ask for good leads on web sites to promote Yaoi Jamboree on. We’re doing some print ads for the show, but yaoi fans primarily get their news from the Internet. What are some good sites to put banner ads on? Are there any calendar sites or event sites I should have us listed on? Please comment.


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