2007 Wrap-up

This year Yaoi Press ~

Published 14 Graphic Novels, 2 Art Books, 2 Comic Books, and 2 Manga Samplers.

Exhibited at 24 Anime Conventions, 5 Comic Book Conventions, and one Erotica Show in the United States and United Kingdom.

Brought in four special guests from Spain and Italy to USA shows.

Was officially picked up by Borders Books in February.

Released our first fan merchandise in the form of Yaoi Parasols.

Signed with Netcomics to digitally distribute our graphic novels and put up the first 11 titles.

Released second editions of 5 titles and third editions of 2.


Our greatest success was Dark Prince vol. 1, which had the highest preorders and lowest initial returns of any title to date.

Our greatest failure was the comic books. Without book store sales the comic book line was unsustainable.


Next year we plan to continue to investigate more merchandise opportunities such as silk palace hand fans, and character figures. We will continue the art book line with two books per year. We will reduce the overall number of graphic novel releases to around 8 per year. (This is in order to devote more marketing each title, and to free resources to capitalize on our 34 title backlist). We will continue to exhibit at large anime and comic conventions in North America. We will test exhibit opportunities at regional book shows and GLBT themed shows. We will expand our overseas convention exhibitions. We will use an established agency to vet foreign licensing rights for our titles.

And of course, we will fund the operation of our own yaoi convention, Yaoi Jamboree, in June 2008.


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