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Yaoi Suki Contest, Dany&Dany at ACEN

I’m still overwhelmed by the fantastic weekend we had at Cactus Con. The amazing support we saw for Yaoi Jamboree has my head spinning. I can’t wait to get back to Phoenix for the next show.

Yaoi Press is sponsoring a contest being held by the number one yaoi news site: Yaoi Suki. Head over there now for a chance to win a set of our five new editions: The Aluria Chronicles, Spirit Marked, Desire of the Gods, Yaoi Hentai 1, and Yaoi Hentai 2. You’ll also get one of our new Yaoi Parasols if you win. This is a fun way to start off our 2008 campaign that promotes our huge backlist of titles. Be sure to check out the rules before you play.

I’m thrilled to announce that Dany&Dany will return to the United States in May 2008 to be guests of honor at Anime Central. Dany&Dany got a terrific response fans at Yaoi Con. ACEN is another great show for them. The yaoi fans there are numerous and passionate.

Last year I did ACEN by myself, and overslept Saturday morning. This is the first show where I was actually dragged out of bed by the convention organizers. When they brought my sleepy head to the booth there were two security guards holding back 50 fangirls! They were craning their necks to see the books. Some were calling dibs on items that peeked out from under the dropcloth. This convention flabbergasted me. I should have done two booths and brought my staff. I’ll never underestimate ACEN again. That is one yaoi loving show! Kudos to the organizers for catering to the yaoi fans.