Dark Prince 2 Preview

You can now read the first 14 pages of Dark Prince 2 on the Yaoi Press web site: http://www.yaoipress.com/promo/dp2.htm.

This story has been an absolute labor of love. The positive reinforcement I’ve gotten from fans at different anime conventions has emboldened me. There’s nothing more wonderful than to see a whole community into the same mix of dark, sweet, and taboo that I am. M.A. Sambre’s art is so gorgeous. She put her heart into this series, and it shows. I’ve been so lucky to have artists like her and Le Peruggine for Winter Demon. From my heart to their hands. They translate my vision perfectly.

I know I’m still buzzing from the love we received at the last two conventions Yaoi Press exhibited at. Last week we exhibited at Katsucon. This was my first time at this show, but the second year for Yaoi Press. We were so warmly received! I had many fans hunt down our booth to meet me and get Winter Demon 3 autographed (there was an ad in the program guide). There were three women in particular who were passionate about the series. As I stood there feigning modesty while they told me how much they loved volumes 1 and 2, my booth manager Marcy gave me a sardonic look and pretended to pet a cat. ?? I was going to ask her why but we had a rush of business and I forgot to mention it. Then another woman got excited when she realized I was the writer of Winter Demon, and started talking to me about how much she loved Figaru, etc. Again I saw Marcy pretending to pet a cat. I asked her what that was about. She said, “They just keep stroking your ego.”

I love you Marcy. ::kick::

Incidentally, Marcy has a large following due to her adorable amigurumi creations (plug). Just as she’s giving me hell for my abundance of kudos, a girl walking by squealed because she recognized the bunny Marcy was knitting. She came over to say how much she loved her work. Now it was my turn to pet the invisible cat.


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