My plans to update this journal at least weekly have been foiled by my mountain of work. I’ve barely had time to walk my cat Sultan. (He’s half-blind, so he can’t go out on his own. I never had to train this clever cat to walk on a leash. He’s just happy to get outside. I’m happy to have a chance to sneak a cigar once a day. Mmmm, Macanudos.)

This month at the Yaoi Press store http://www.everythingyaoi.com there’s a young adult bundle for sale. This includes Surge, Treasure 1 & 2, and Zesty 1 & 2.

On the Yaoi Press web site this month is a flash animation to promote the three volume series, Cain. Cain Volume 2 comes out March 28th.

I actually sent Cain 3 to the printers first, since it’s being printed in China. Now I’m going back to get Cain 2 ready for the printer. I’m all discombobulated.

It’s been forever since I read volume 3, and DAMN IT’S GOOD! The story at the end of volume 3 was so sexy. Uhhhhn.


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