On the Road Blogging

Hello from Toronto where I have just arrived for Anime North. I’m still beaming over Anime Central. I’ve never had a better convention experience than that show. It was fantastic to see my dear friends Dany&Dany again, and also to receive the love of so many fans. The convention staff treated us wonderful. Chicago was amazing. I wish every show could be like this one.

At the end of the Chicago part of my trip I didn’t say goodbye to Dany&Dany but ‘See you later.’ This was their second show in the USA in less than a year. I know they’ll be back in 8 months or so for another event. ACEN asked for them to return next year since the fans went so crazy for them. I kind of want to bring them to a new area each time, but we’re not ruling out anything.

My head is spinning in Canada. I haven’t been here since I was 8 years old. I’m enjoying some culture-shock. The full-blown Toronto accent is so strange to my ears I almost think people are faking an accent to mess with me. I can’t believe how huge the smiles are here. People are so genuinely friendly in Canada.

Oh…and for any other adult publishers thinking of coming to Anime North…all my porn made it through the border. Mwa ha ha.


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