Incubus Master Part 2

Hi Yaoi Fans!

Incubus Master Part 2 is Go!  And it includes an all new full color erotic illustration.  Since the illustration is a spoiler for the story we are using the illustration from part 1 as the cover image.  Buy your Windows Ebook right now!

You can also buy it with Visa or Mastercard on Everythingyaoi.com!

Our ebooks work great for Windows Vista and below.  One Windows 7 user reported problems.  If you use Windows 7 or are on a MAC you can buy the Kindle Ebook.  Did you know you can read Kindle books right on your computer now?  Unfortunately, the art will be a black and white line drawing for the Kindle Version.

Here’s the description for Incubus Master Part 2:

***Explicit Adult Content*** Jinady is sure he’s just gone from one incubus master to another, no matter what his rescuers tell him. The small party of “free” mortals have two incubi with them. Scor is even more frightening than Figaru. Jinady overhears Figaru telling the human Huckly to go service Scor. When Figaru catches Jinady eavesdropping he orders him to watch!

Incubus Master has been getting great reviews!

“Incubus Master is what fans have been waiting for since Winter Demon – this is classic fantasy erotica written in the yaoi way, seductive, and hellishly easy to get wrapped up in.” —Active Anime

“Yaoi Prose holds little back starting with a story about demons, slavery, sex and vengeance. The titillating read this first portion provides should be enough fuel for the fire of readers’ anticipation while the evolving plot leaves a promise of intrigue past simply what happens when the clothes come off.” —Boyluv.com

Please continue to support Incubus Master.  Your purchases go toward a fund earmarked for the new Bastard King graphic novel.  This is the sequel to Dark Prince.  You can see the fund grow with every purchase at the main Incubus Master page!

Coming Soon:  REDEMPTION the erotic ebook sequel to Saihoshi!


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