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Free Yaoi: Saihoshi Redemption

Hi Yaoi Fans!

Available Now! Read Saihoshi: REDEMPTION for free!!  Part 1 of Redemption the erotic ebook sequel to Saihoshi, is up and you can read it free here!

It’s been two years since Sastre, The Guardian of the North, decided to betray the Order and run away with Kaleth, servant and lover of prince Anel. Since then, they’ve lived in an isolated cabin in the Forest of the East.  This is Yinn‘s territory, the Guardian who helped them in their escape.

However, Sastre’s betrayal has come to light, so the Order sends the only warriors who can defeat a Guardian: the fearsome Executioners.

Now, Sastre, Kaleth, and Yinn will face retribution for their acts in a journey that will reveal the obscure secrets of the Order and will put their feelings to a test.

Incubus Master Parts 4 and 5 are up!  As always it includes an all new full color erotic illustration.  Since the illustration is a spoiler for the story we are using the illustration from the prior parts as the cover image. 

You’ll get immediate access when you buy at or Yaoi Prose!

Here’s the description for Incubus Master Part 4:
***Explicit Adult Content*** Jinady is thrust into the lurid intrigue of the human settlement protected by incubi. He’s hearing the name Rowan frequently. Who is this mortal who’s managed to get under the skin of a demon general, an incubus school teacher, the gruff demon Scor, and even the noble Figaru.

Figaru deals with his own chaos back at the settlement, despite not having slept for weeks and having fed very little. When his demon general Vandrel tries to cast a spell on him the incubus decides he can punish Vandrel and feed at the same time.

Incubus Master has been getting fantastic reviews!  Here’s the newest review regarding Part 4:

“The ending in particular is a real cliffhanger as Jinady finds the terms of his settlement have suddenly changed. Part five will be notably anticipated for those finishing this one as the webs being woven suddenly tighten drastically around the characters.” —Boy’

“…part two of Incubus Master still offers up another lengthy sex scene for the eager, new characters for the curious and an intriguing plotline for the interested.” —

Please continue to support Incubus Master.  Your purchases go toward a fund earmarked for the new Bastard King graphic novel.  This is the sequel to Dark Prince.  You can see the fund grow with every purchase at the main Incubus Master page!

Our ebooks work great for Windows Vista and below.  One Windows 7 user reported problems.  If you use Windows 7 or are on a MAC you can buy the Kindle Ebook.  Did you know you can read Kindle books right on your computer now?