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Heavily Illustrated Yaoi One-Shot

Hi Yaoi Fans!

Available Now! Incubus Master 6:  

***Explicit Adult Content*** The more Jinady gets to know the disturbed prisoner Rowan the more he questions his motives. He has reason to mistrust any mortal who allies themselves with a devious incubus like Scor. Jinady hesitantly yields to the wishes of Figaru. He hopes he hasn’t made a mistake.

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Incubus Master has been getting fantastic reviews! 

“For those familiar with the previous manga novels Winter Demon, some of the characters will be as interesting as they are familiar.” —Active Anime.

“…part two of Incubus Master still offers up another lengthy sex scene for the eager, new characters for the curious and an intriguing plotline for the interested.” —

The Incubus and the Woodcutter
Heavily Illustrated Adult Ebook – PDF Format

Explicit adult content. Set in fuedal Japan, a benevolent forest demon seduces a lonely woodcutter and takes him as his beloved.

This is a sweet retelling of the Figaru/Ichiro love story from the Winter Demon 1 graphic novel. Over two dozen illustrations from the graphic novel have been peppered throughout the pages. This prose adaption is told from the perspective of the demon, and focuses entirely on the progression of their romance.

This is a one-shot, a complete self-contained story.

We’re 7% toward our Bastard King goal!
  It’s slow progress, but it’s still progress.  Please continue to support Incubus Master.  Your purchases go toward a fund earmarked for the new Bastard King graphic novel.  This is the sequel to Dark Prince.  You can see the fund grow with every purchase at the main Incubus Master page!

Part 1 of Redemption the erotic ebook sequel to Saihoshi, is up!

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