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Dark Yaoi!

Hi Yaoi Fans!

Available Now!  Incubus Master nears its resolution with a shocking twist!
Incubus Master 7:  

***Explicit Adult Content*** Jinady has gone off alone with the demon Figaru, for better or for worse. An innocent comment triggers a series of devastating confessions from the incubus, leading to an unforgettable night. Jinady’s fallen into the dark abyss of the demon’s embrace. There’s no turning back.

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Incubus Master has been getting fantastic reviews! 

“The end of this chapter is also the most sweet to date – not because it sets up any especially notable cliffhanger but because it leaves a nice big smile on your face.” —

“For those familiar with the previous manga novels Winter Demon, some of the characters will be as interesting as they are familiar.” —Active Anime.

Saihoshi: Redemption 2
What fate could be so terrible that Sastre attempts to take his own life rather than face it? There’s no escape for him, not even in death, from the Order’s most fearsome warriors. He’ll pay a dire price for deserting. Sastre would have no regrets over his choice to be with his beloved, but his dear friend Yinn has been captured to suffer along with him.

“Keeping with conventional boys’ love hooks, there is a sex scene in this opening chapter. Not only is it enticing simply on the grounds of being so well executed, but it also speaks to the experience and comfort Sastre now has compared to his first-time hesitance back in Saihoshi.”–

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