Incubus Master Captured!

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Incubus Master: Captured 1!

The first installment of the hot new Incubus Master sequel is out!  You can read a 10 page FREE PREVIEW of the 23 page installment by clicking HERE!

There’s a full page dedicated to Captured setting and character info HERE!

Explicit adult content. The gruff demon Scor maintains a tenuous position in the human settlement that’s guarded by incubi. He intended on killing their leader Figaru with his lover Rowan. It was only when Rowan revealed he would devastate many others in the settlement that Scor switched sides. With Rowan dead Scor is utterly alone.

Jinady, the betrothed of Figaru, promised to give himself to Scor if he saved Figaru’s life. The demon takes him, and then decides not to let go. He’s lost everything for Figaru. Jinady should belong to him now in return.

To the surprise of the entire settlement-Figaru agrees!

“This is one to read and savor.” –Sandra Scholes, Active Anime Reviewer on the Incubus Master: Captured preview.

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“King Jereth sees a new boy enter his court, Moors who has invented something quite amazing and wishes to have it used at his new benefactor’s whim. This makes him a very popular part of the court, but he shouldn’t get too cocky as Jereth soon realises he must be sure who his master is, and who he is servant to. As is usual in these manga, he doesn’t and feels the wrath of King Jereth who gives him a good, hard spanking where it counts.”  Read the full review at Active Anime.

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