Incubus Master Captured!

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Incubus Master: Captured 4!

Explicit Adult Content!  The wicked king Zantus has been obsessed with capturing Vandrel for over a century.  Now that the prince has surrendered to him he’s decided to savor it. 

Figaru promised to stand by Vandrel through his trial without interfering.  How can he keep this vow when his mate is driven to beg for his own execution? 

Figaru struggles not to lose control.  When Leatha wakes up the situation deteriorates further into chaos.  Includes two illustrations! 

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Incubus Master: Captured 3!

Explicit Adult Content!  Scor and Jinady end the dissension between them in bed, but Jinady fears Scor will figure out his lies.  Meanwhile Vandrel’s lurid past is revealed to Figaru.  A lascivious demon wizard and a murderous older brother both eagerly await Prince Vandrel’s return to Zanzarland. 

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“This is one to read and savor.” –Sandra Scholes, Active Anime Reviewer on the Incubus Master: Captured preview.

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