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Epic Yaoi Releases!

Bishie Angel Charity Auction!!

We’re holding two auctions on behalf of Jen from The Yaoi Review. The mother of 4 of her nieces and nephews was killed on September 10th along with her husband. The proceeds of this sale will go to Jen to help purchase a plane ticket so she can be with her family at this time.

News Box ~  The Togainu No Chi anime airs in October!  The Tyrant Who Falls in Love gets a favorable review at ANN

Yaoi Press will have exhibits at Snafu Con in Reno NV Oct 22-23, and OtakuMex, Albuquerque NM Sept 25-27

The Kimi-Chan Experience Reviews Anima

Duncan Heights Reviews Happy Yaoi Yum Yum

The Yaoi Review Covers Yaoi Prose

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Incubus Master: Captured 5

Explicit Adult Content! Figaru is still reeling from the loss of Vandrel when he learns Scor is ready to kill himself rather than become his slave again. Figaru is torn. He swore he wouldn’t force Scor to come back to him, but knows he’ll lose everything if he keeps his word. He tries to let Scor go, but his willpower falters when the incubus makes a bold move.
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Incubus Master: Captured 5 (For Windows PCs only):  $2.50


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Incubus Master: Captured 4
Explicit Adult Content!  The wicked king Zantus has been obsessed with capturing Vandrel for over a century.  Now that the prince has surrendered to him he’s decided to savor it.  Figaru promised to stand by Vandrel through his trial without interfering.  How can he keep this vow when his mate feels compelled to beg for his own execution?  Figaru struggles not to lose control.  When Leatha wakes up the situation deteriorates further into chaos.  Includes two illustrations!

Incubus Master: Captured 4 (For Windows PCs only):  $2.50


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Finder 1

Yaoi’s most epic manga! Now back in print!! While out on assignment trying to document the illegal activities of the Japanese underworld, photographer Takaba crosses paths with the dark and mysterious leader Asami. Asami takes Takaba captive in an attempt to subjugate and possess him. But when the son of the Chinese mafia enters demanding evidence that Takaba may have, will Takaba be able to survive being caught in the crosshairs of a deadly underworld feud?

Junjo Romantico 12

As the end of Misaki’s college years approach, he’s faced with a difficult choice. Living with the ever-popular boys love novelist Akihiko can be ever-so challenging… but is living without him an option at all? Chaotic doesn’t even begin to cover Misaki’s struggle for independence from the Usami family while looking for a career! Can Misaki take control of his life without driving his lover Akihito away?

Gakuen Heaven Endo

After winning the school MVP award as the partner of mysterious student Kazuki Endo, unremarkable student Keita Ito is allowed to remain in the legendary Bell Liberty School. Soon after, Kazuki reveals that he is the school’s Director and Keita’s beloved “Kazu-nii” from his childhood. In this alternate Gakuen Heaven story, Keita is assigned the enormous task of organizing Ginrei Festival, a chance for the students to showcase their talents to the companies that sponsor BL School.

The Tyrant Falls In Love

Being in love with your straight senpai hard enough, so imagine being in love with your straight and homophobic AND tyrannical senpai! Tetsuhiro Morinaga can tell you all about that – and now he’s had a taste of the forbidden fruit…! Souichi and Morinaga’s “romance,” first begun in Challengers, continues!

Maiden Rose 2

Klaus von Wolfstadt, from one of the nations of the “Western Alliance,” has left his duty as a soldier to his nation in order to be a knight to Taki Reizen. Taki is commander of the 15th division “Maiden Rose,” whose country has an alliance with “Eurote,” an enemy of the Western Alliance. The story follows their romance as it evolves from friendship, to love, and finally, to hatred!

I Want to Bite

Vampire hunter Izark meets gorgeous and sexy silver-haired Tristan – a vampire. Tristan is the troublemaker of his family; always stirring up other people problems and self-centered. Izark somehow manages to get involved in Tristan’s problems all the time. One night, Tristan confesses to Izark something Izark doesn’t want to hear…

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Hetalia Season 1 DVD

Includes a limited edition BANDANA featuring the Axis Powers!

The world is on the cusp of war and Italy, a pasta-loving energetic young soldier, is stuck in the middle of it! Join Italy and all of your favorite countries as they re-live the past. Cute, crass, colorful and funny, this series is world history like you’ve never seen it before! Based on the popular web comic and manga series created by Hidekaz Himaruya, the anime is directed by Bob Shirohata.

Includes episodes 1-26 on one shiny DVD! 4 Commentary Tracks. Textless songs & trailers.

A second DVD of Extras! Show comments by Director Bob Shirahata, Ending Sequence comments, The Hidden History Hidden Within Hetalia.

English and Japanese language audio. English Subtitles. 130 Minutes. NTSC 1, 2, 4.

Voice or Noise 3

Three years have passed since Narusawa went abroad, and Shinichirou has grown up quite a bit in the meantime. His feelings remain unchanged, though, and so when Narusawa returns, it’s time to pick up where they left off! But things still don’t quite run smooth for the happy pair, especially when talking cats are involved. And that’s before a very peculiar exchange student enters the picture!

Mad Love Chase 4

Poor Yamato is in more trouble than ever! A new pursuer from the Demon World has arrived in the form of the powerful magician Hime-chan, and he seems to already know the truth about the goofy demon prince! What will happen when everything is finally revealed to Taiki? When it comes down to deciding between his demon-world comrades and his human life (including both Yamato and the lovely Haga-sensei), which will the big guy choose? Story and art by Kazusa Takashima.

Kyo Kara Maoh 7

Everything seems to have calmed down for the Maoh – until Yuri returns to his castle and finds that he has a love child! Is he even old enough to have fathered a ten-year-old girl? If that wasn’t bad enough, the tiny terror tries to kill Yuri and he twists his pivoting foot in the process. Eager to cheer Yuri up, Conrad arranges a trip to a famous human hot springs resort, but Yuri has stowed away his young assailant on board! Will she continue to attempt to assassinate Yuri or will Yuri’s kindness win her over? And can Yuri even make it to the hot springs without getting himself into trouble? Story and art by Temari Matsumoto.

Silver Diamond 7

A new assassin appears, targeting Rakan and company… and using creepy stone dogs as weapons, no less! Can Chigusa and Narushige fend off his attack? And just what is the giant creature who appears to be stalking the party? Is it a new friend, or yet another enemy?! Story and art by Shiho Sugiura.

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