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What is the Yaoikuza?  What is it all about?  Why are we teasing you with this graphic?  When will you learn more?  What the heck?  Stay tuned for the launch of a new Yaoi Mafia! 

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Incubus Master: Captured 6

Explicit Adult Content! Scor is overwhelmed with jealousy when he sees Jinady and Figaru together. The incubus resists while holding tight to his beloved. Figaru, meanwhile, acts as though Scor already belongs to him. Captured official info!

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Incubus Master: Captured 5

Explicit Adult Content! Figaru is still reeling from the loss of Vandrel when he learns Scor is ready to kill himself rather than become his slave again. Figaru is torn. He swore he wouldn’t force Scor to come back to him, but knows he’ll lose everything if he keeps his word. He tries to let Scor go, but his willpower falters when the incubus makes a bold move.
Captured official info!

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You can now read Kindle books on your PC, MAC, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, or Blackberry! 
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Finder 2

Akihito had thought he’d left the cutthroat dangers of the underworld behind after barely escaping from his last adventure alive. However, he soon finds himself reunited with the mysterious and powerful crime lord Asami, and he is once again thrust into an unseemly world of decadence and bloodshed. Will Takara be lucky enough to escape a deadly fate twice in a row, or are Asami’s plans for him of a more amorous nature?

Stay Close To Me

Yuzu and Icchan are childhood friends, and as long as Yuzu can remember, handsome Icchan has always there for him and would come and rescue him like a prince in a shiny armor. But time has changed both of them; now Yuzu has grown taller than Icchan, and together, they look like a huge princess and an ultra-popular, handsome Prince. They aren’t asking for trouble, but they always seem to get themselves into it anyway! A guy from the Karate club tries to start a fight… A beautiful girl tries to hit on Yuzu… Don’t they know Yuzu and Icchan just want to be left alone?!

Your Love Sickness

Inari Shrine is protected by two divine foxes, Unka and Aura. Unka, a red fox, is the serious one and born into a lower social class. Aura, a pure-bred white fox, is the reckless and irresponsible one. Can opposites attract? Will they play nice to each other? Can Unka, who is unable to express himself honestly, and Aura, who always goes all-out to get what he wants, really fall in love?!

Kizuna 1

Kei Enjouji and Ranmaru Samejima are a sweet couple, but their relationship is put to the test when Kei’s annoying bratty half-brother, Kai, decides to put the moves on Ranmaru. Three is a crowd, but the plan is immediately crushed when Masanori Araki cleverly steers him away. Masanori is the yakuza boss’s right-hand man, also Kai’s life-protector. Gentle and smart, he makes Kai realize that havoc isn’t needed and teaches him to leave them alone.

Alice the 101st 2

Alice is a student at Mondonville Music Academy, the elite musicians’ school of the country. School recital is approaching and Alice doesn’t have anybody to coach him. But his upperclassman senpai, Georges comes to give him some advice. The rivalry between him and his classmate, Vick heightens… Can Alice take on a challenge and deal with the pressure?

Garden Sky

A little god, “Kami Sama,” who lives up in heaven has summoned two men to his place. “Shiro” (white) cruised through life with wealth and happiness, relaxed and carefree. “Kuro” (black) struggled and had hardships, suffering through his life. Now their comedic life as a dynamic trio is about to begin! What does mischievous Kami Sama have in mind…?

Cafe Latte Rhapsody

They just look odd together from the beginning. A bookstore employee, Serizawa, a short, comical, and adorable young man, spots Keito, a immensely tall and intense-eyed man, in the store. It was a love at first sight for Serizawa. As these two meet more and more often in the bookstore, they begin trust each other and it seems like this could be a beginning of a great relationship. That is, until Serizawa realizes that Keito is extremely shy and meek. What’s holding him back? Can Keito overcome his shyness and show his true feelings?

Cool / Uncool

They’ve always been inseperable best friends, but suddenly Yukihisa starts to feel like Mamoru is keeping his distance – figuratively and literally. Mamoru won’t say anything and or even try to explain… Yukihisa’s feeling frustrated and he’s starting to feel insecure. What’s gone wrong with their broken relationship?

Yokan 2 Premonition – Noise 

Akira is the lead vocalist of a popular band called CHARON. Hiroya Sunaga was a singer, but he left the music scene to pursue an acting career. But, realizing that his first love is music, he abandons his acting career and joins a legendary band called NUNE as a lead vocalist. Akira and Hiroya are bitter rivals and lovers. They are trying to make this relationship work, but can they put their ego and talent aside?

Hey Class President! 3

Kokusai has finally recognized and accepted his feelings for Kaga-kun, but he doesn’t know what or how to feel about the whole thing around everyone. This much he does know, however – he’s a little insecure and jealous! He knew Kaga-kun was a popular guy in school, but seeing him with a lot of different girls wasn’t easy. He tries to confess his feeling, but instead he says “I envy whoever gets to be your girlfriend.” Kaga-kun replies, “Did you want to go out with me then…?”

In The Walnut Vol. 2

Unmatching but cute duo Hideo Tanizaki and Sohei Nakai once again find themselves in big trouble. What did they do? And how would Tanizaki use his knowledge of art forgery, counterfeits, and black market dealings to rectify a bad situation? It’s true, Tanizaki may have sold his soul, and some may think he is a corrupted art dealer, but deep inside he has a kind soul and a genuine heart. It’s not always about the money!

Desire Sensibility

A new assassin appears, targeting Rakan and company… and using creepy stone dogs as weapons, no less! Can Chigusa and Narushige fend off his attack? And just what is the giant creature who appears to be stalking the party? Is it a new friend, or yet another enemy?! Story and art by Shiho Sugiura.

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